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Funny boy Yuvraj Singh is in the World Championship Twenty20 squad! Hear his story!

India is in an uproar. A country that was already busy celebrating Janmashtami has got another reason to celebrate – Yuvraj Singh’s return to cricket after his battle with Cancer. Just a few hours ago BCCI announced him fit; enough to be a part of the Twenty20 World Championship team.

Although I am utterly delighted with the news what rather warms my heart is this tweet:


There he is, his condition keeps him in rehab to recover from something that almost cost his life and still, very funny. That’s like a 140 character story right there! He shows his concern for the media, tells them he’s not home and leaves it with a ‘hehehe’ that conveys that maybe he is home afterall!

If Yuvi performs well (fingers crossed ultra tight) he will be the new poster boy for Warrior, at least for me!

And as I write this, he’s posted a number of tweets that can only come out when you’re typing from you heart! Here, have a look:



Best Wishes and lots of love to our dear Champ, Yuvi!

Until Next Time,



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