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Usain Bolt and the Ridiculous Endorsement Offer

Usain Bolt, all of 25 years and he’s already the fastest man on the planet. We all have seen the re-runs of his 100 meter dash how he was almost 4th place when magic happened, invisible fire shot from his ankles and he came first – 9.63 seconds, he set a new Olympic record.

A company called Shutl claims itself to be the fastest delivery company on the internet. Their record of delivery is 858 seconds from Click to Door. Now Usain is the fastest man, these guys are the fastest delivery company; too much ‘fastest’ here right? So why not associate the two?! That’s exactly what the CEO of Shutl thought when he asked Bolt to be their spokesperson and in return he gets 1% of the company’s stake and Lifetime Supply of Chicken Nuggets.


Now you wonder what is wrong in asking someone to be their brand ambassador? Oh, I forgot to tell you – they don’t want Usain to just be their spokesperson but to, read carefully, LITERALLY Deliver their goods!

Now do you wonder what was wrong with that offer? I’ll break it up for you:

– Usain Bolt is the highest paid athlete both on tracks and field

– He’s been called the World’s Most Marketable Athlete and

– The Greatest Athlete Ever

Imagine if Usain did say Yes to such an offer, I’d personally order everything from Shutl! Then I get the bragging rights, “You know? Usain Bolt personally got this to me.. *wink*”

Until Next Time,

The Pink Locker


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