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#ThatAwkwardMomentWhen Everton beats Manchester United


There is no picture that describes my feelings better than this one.

Man Utd was all over the news for getting Mr. Persie from rival team Arsenal on board, buying him for a whooping £24 million (my recent sources reveal his value to be £70 million, more on that later) and it was a greater deal because no Arsenal to Man Utd transfer had occured between the two teams since 1987. FYI: The player to go was Viv Anderson and he was also the first signing since Alex Ferguson joined.

Anyway so Everton v/s Manchester United. There they were struggling to catch their breath as Everton put out a wonderful performance when Sir Fergurson thought, ‘hey, why not use my £24mn here?’ and he did, at the 67th minute he called in Arsenal betrayer Robin van Persie. Man Utd supporters don’t love him enough since every Gooner’s prayer of him having a bad little rough time at his new club paid off. Persie couldn’t do nothing as Marouane Fellaini zoomed past Man Utd’s defence and scored a goal.

Persie 0 – 1 Gunners

Every person that hates Man Utd found their love in Everton yesterday. I did too.

The match ended with Everton 1 – 0 Manchester United and I went to sleep smiling to myself. It was because of a boy, yes, a boy called Marouane Fellaini

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