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Tendulkar Scandal: Bhalai Ka Toh Zamana Hi Nahi Raha!


I saw the above picture being circulated on facebook a lot, it had about 30 odd likes and 750 shares. For one, I don’t get it how sharing it will make a difference to the oblivious Sachin who is not even active on facebook (Trust me, I would know)

Here’s the story:

Andhra Badminton Association decided to gift Ms. Nehwal a BMW for getting India the first medal in Badminton. Now that Sachin is the Brand Ambassador for BMW, citing the ‘making country proud’ co-relation, they decided Sachin should be the one who gives the car to her.

FYI: A car was gifted to both her coaches as well.

So now I ask you if you think the picture is relevant at all? Was it right for whoever made this to point fingers at an effort which made by Andhra Badminton Association and not Sachin?


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