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Andrew Strauss’ Retirement, Kevin Pietersen’s Controversies, England slipping to #2 position; all interconnected?

The England Cricket team is going through turmoil. 1st star player Kevin Pietersen got caught in controversies and was dropped off the platter, 2nd their spot for being #1 in Test Cricket was taken by South Africa, and now, Test Captain Andrew Strauss has called it quits.

Now what I wonder is it’s all interconnected?


For one, everyone was saying KP does not matter, that England will do well either way. England losing to South Africa and dropping down the points table, does this hint that he was the best batsman the team had?

Secondly, it was hinted that KP not only spoke ill about Andrew, he also gave hints how to bowl to the captain. Maybe South Africa used it and that’s why they finally won?

Thirdly, since KP leaked info about how to play to their captain, Andrew has realized that his best game play has been revealed and it’s time for him to leave?

Another dimension to this could be that all the media attention on Pietersen distracted the team and has brought stress in the locker room?

So many questions but I’m thankful Team India is out of this! Fingers crossed, I hope we win the Test against New Zealand and ultimately, Twenty20 World Cup!

Until Next Time,

The Pink Locker



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