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There’s more to Cristiano Ronaldo than you know




This tweet speaks so clearly; quiets every person who doubted the intentions of CR7. There’s been a lot of speculations regarding his wishes to leave the club. Most people accuse him of being hungry for money but he is more than that!

This story I read on the internet should change everyone’s mind about  Ronaldo


Anyway, the latest update to The Ronaldo Saga is that Karim Benzema says he’s never seen Ronaldo talk about his “unhappiness” and if I can have the attention of all Man United fans, Sir Alex Ferguson has shown interest in having his discovery back!

For better or for worse, my best wishes are with Cristiano! He needs to practice Yoga, find his inner peace, I think!

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Maria Sharapova Splits With Fiancé!

And once again, for the 5th time, Maria Sharapova has broken up and this time with a person she intended to marry, Sasha Vujacic. Breaking up after being engaged for 2 years, Maria said that their ambitions got in their way.


Who IS Sasha?

Sasha Vujacic is a Slovenian basketball player who has played in Italy, the United States and now plays for Turkey.

How about a little background story?

They met. They dated. They fell in love. They wished to get married and so they got engaged BUT regular twist in the plot, career came in their way. Sharapova says that ever since Sasha started playing for Turkey, he hadn’t come home for 10 months straight!

What got to me was that she was ‘waiting’ for someone to ask about it. I laughed a little inside because it’s been over 2 months they’ve broken up and no one even bothered to notice their distance.

Whatever, they did make a cute couple. I seriously wonder, had they gotten married, what would have their children chosen? Basketball or Tennis? My wonder remains a question after all.

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Andrew Strauss’ Retirement, Kevin Pietersen’s Controversies, England slipping to #2 position; all interconnected?

The England Cricket team is going through turmoil. 1st star player Kevin Pietersen got caught in controversies and was dropped off the platter, 2nd their spot for being #1 in Test Cricket was taken by South Africa, and now, Test Captain Andrew Strauss has called it quits.

Now what I wonder is it’s all interconnected?


For one, everyone was saying KP does not matter, that England will do well either way. England losing to South Africa and dropping down the points table, does this hint that he was the best batsman the team had?

Secondly, it was hinted that KP not only spoke ill about Andrew, he also gave hints how to bowl to the captain. Maybe South Africa used it and that’s why they finally won?

Thirdly, since KP leaked info about how to play to their captain, Andrew has realized that his best game play has been revealed and it’s time for him to leave?

Another dimension to this could be that all the media attention on Pietersen distracted the team and has brought stress in the locker room?

So many questions but I’m thankful Team India is out of this! Fingers crossed, I hope we win the Test against New Zealand and ultimately, Twenty20 World Cup!

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Yuvraj Singh and Neha Dhupia’s Love Story


Cricket and Bollywood are practically intertwined. Especially when it comes to Yuvraj, if statistics are to be believed boy has already dated about a dozen Bollywood Bombshells (read: Kim Sharma, Anusha Dandekar, Minissha Lamba, Deepika Padukone, etc etc!) So why have I featured a picture of Yuvi with Neha Dhupia, you wonder? I was just stalking browsing through Yuvi’s profile and I saw this:

and sneaky as I am, I checked if she had replied .. and .. she .. did !

She’s imagining him singing it, eh? So probably he already has dedicated songs to her, correct?

Strong Singh and Damsel Dhupia’s LoveStory So far!

This was last year, 2011, when Ms. Dhupia had broken up with long time boyfriend Ritwik Bhattacharya and pictures of her with Yuvraj Singh started circulating in the media. Their friends maintained they are just good friends who hit off well (really well, if you ask me). One of them even said ‘They would make a cute couple’. They’ve been friends for about 2 years and Neha has been a part of his life and also parties!

My best guess is that even though they aren’t might not be dating, they are going towards it!

Wishing both of them lots of Cupid Luck!

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Tendulkar Scandal: Bhalai Ka Toh Zamana Hi Nahi Raha!


I saw the above picture being circulated on facebook a lot, it had about 30 odd likes and 750 shares. For one, I don’t get it how sharing it will make a difference to the oblivious Sachin who is not even active on facebook (Trust me, I would know)

Here’s the story:

Andhra Badminton Association decided to gift Ms. Nehwal a BMW for getting India the first medal in Badminton. Now that Sachin is the Brand Ambassador for BMW, citing the ‘making country proud’ co-relation, they decided Sachin should be the one who gives the car to her.

FYI: A car was gifted to both her coaches as well.

So now I ask you if you think the picture is relevant at all? Was it right for whoever made this to point fingers at an effort which made by Andhra Badminton Association and not Sachin?

Kevin Pietersen: Analyst for Twenty20 World Cup

Yeah, you heard read it right! Kevin Pietersen has officially joined ESPN-STAR Sports as a ‘presenter and analyst’

How about a little back story?

One day KP was just randomly ‘lol’ing with his friends in the South African team via text. He must’ve had a bad day so he wrote mean things about his coach Andy Flower and team mate Andrew Strauss. Things got downhill from there and the news exploded with this controversial text, how he was very disrespectful, has lost everyone’s trust and possibly a place in the Twenty20 England squad.

I’m guessing the text could’ve been a ‘Yo Momma So Fat..’ joke

Because of whatever the text was, KP was asked to apologize if he wanted to be on the team but this happened:



KP wasn’t selected and his wish just remained a wish after all.

Now, bringing you back to August 24, 2012 – ESPN STAR – Sports (ESS) confirmed him to be a part of their team. His new job includes publicity and promotion of ESS and giving his perspective over the match.

This is how it will probably go:

Kevin Pietersen: “Ian Bell laid out a splendid performance with 3 sixes and 7 fours however had it been me…”

Anyway, I hope the best happens for KP and that he gets selected Twenty20 2014!


Until Next Time,

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Cricket goes to New York!

Cricket is a religion in India and every Indian follows it diligently, even the ones who are based abroad. Well here’s a treat for news for Indians in the US, cricket is coming to you for free! Unlike before where you had to pay to watch it, ESPN3 has been confirmed to air the tournaments.

More so, Anil Kumble was a part of the annual India Day Parade and rang the NASDAQ closing bell on Friday in NYC. This was a build up to ICC Twenty20 World Championship. ESPN3 had a float to themselves where Kumble displayed the trophies to the cheering fans. I hear there was Saif Ali Khan also but who cares? Anil Kumble is a bigger star to us!

Congratulations to the cricket lovers in the US, the Sports Gods have answered your prayers!

FYI: Twenty20 starts on September 18! Gentle reminder to keep yourselves free.

Until Next Time,

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