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#ThatAwkwardMomentWhen Everton beats Manchester United


There is no picture that describes my feelings better than this one.

Man Utd was all over the news for getting Mr. Persie from rival team Arsenal on board, buying him for a whooping £24 million (my recent sources reveal his value to be £70 million, more on that later) and it was a greater deal because no Arsenal to Man Utd transfer had occured between the two teams since 1987. FYI: The player to go was Viv Anderson and he was also the first signing since Alex Ferguson joined.

Anyway so Everton v/s Manchester United. There they were struggling to catch their breath as Everton put out a wonderful performance when Sir Fergurson thought, ‘hey, why not use my £24mn here?’ and he did, at the 67th minute he called in Arsenal betrayer Robin van Persie. Man Utd supporters don’t love him enough since every Gooner’s prayer of him having a bad little rough time at his new club paid off. Persie couldn’t do nothing as Marouane Fellaini zoomed past Man Utd’s defence and scored a goal.

Persie 0 – 1 Gunners

Every person that hates Man Utd found their love in Everton yesterday. I did too.

The match ended with Everton 1 – 0 Manchester United and I went to sleep smiling to myself. It was because of a boy, yes, a boy called Marouane Fellaini

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Usain Bolt and the Ridiculous Endorsement Offer

Usain Bolt, all of 25 years and he’s already the fastest man on the planet. We all have seen the re-runs of his 100 meter dash how he was almost 4th place when magic happened, invisible fire shot from his ankles and he came first – 9.63 seconds, he set a new Olympic record.

A company called Shutl claims itself to be the fastest delivery company on the internet. Their record of delivery is 858 seconds from Click to Door. Now Usain is the fastest man, these guys are the fastest delivery company; too much ‘fastest’ here right? So why not associate the two?! That’s exactly what the CEO of Shutl thought when he asked Bolt to be their spokesperson and in return he gets 1% of the company’s stake and Lifetime Supply of Chicken Nuggets.


Now you wonder what is wrong in asking someone to be their brand ambassador? Oh, I forgot to tell you – they don’t want Usain to just be their spokesperson but to, read carefully, LITERALLY Deliver their goods!

Now do you wonder what was wrong with that offer? I’ll break it up for you:

– Usain Bolt is the highest paid athlete both on tracks and field

– He’s been called the World’s Most Marketable Athlete and

– The Greatest Athlete Ever

Imagine if Usain did say Yes to such an offer, I’d personally order everything from Shutl! Then I get the bragging rights, “You know? Usain Bolt personally got this to me.. *wink*”

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Funny boy Yuvraj Singh is in the World Championship Twenty20 squad! Hear his story!

India is in an uproar. A country that was already busy celebrating Janmashtami has got another reason to celebrate – Yuvraj Singh’s return to cricket after his battle with Cancer. Just a few hours ago BCCI announced him fit; enough to be a part of the Twenty20 World Championship team.

Although I am utterly delighted with the news what rather warms my heart is this tweet:


There he is, his condition keeps him in rehab to recover from something that almost cost his life and still, very funny. That’s like a 140 character story right there! He shows his concern for the media, tells them he’s not home and leaves it with a ‘hehehe’ that conveys that maybe he is home afterall!

If Yuvi performs well (fingers crossed ultra tight) he will be the new poster boy for Warrior, at least for me!

And as I write this, he’s posted a number of tweets that can only come out when you’re typing from you heart! Here, have a look:



Best Wishes and lots of love to our dear Champ, Yuvi!

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Tom Daley to give diving lessons to Cheryl Cole. His Fees? A follow back from her!

Love is in the air! Feel it every where!

After the little controversy concerning a hate tweet to Tom Daley, the tables have turned for this 18 year old diver. Not only has his follower count on twitter has increased from a hundred thousand to a million and hundred thousand, he is also gathering some attention from the famous women. One such lovely lady is Cheryl Cole, the Wonder Girl of singing group Girls Aloud


This is their little flirty twitter convo that’s brings a smile to my face!


Cheryl Cole hasn’t replied to his tweet yet but following are my best guesses:

1. Cheryl finally followed him and they moved to talking on DM

2. One step further, they have exchanged numbers and don’t need twitter anymore!

Hoping this is love like no other for these two kids!

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Are Spice Girls Performing at the Olympics? Victoria Beckham give us a hint!


What is the picture? A diamond studded microphone, just out of it’s glove.

Who is it posted by? Victoria Beckham

Why is it even relevant? When Posh Beckham posts a picture of a glittery mic it has every bit of the word ‘relevance’! Even with sans information, It Means Spice Concert!

Now what I am not very sure about is if it is an old memory she found while cleaning her six-bedroom Italian Mansion at Beverly Hills, California or she got it because she started practicing for her performance on 13th August at the Olympics Closing Ceremony. One tweet that is making me 80% sure that their performance is on the line up is this one:

and these:

All we can really do is count down till 13 August!

Oh, why thee so far?

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