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Cricket goes to New York!

Cricket is a religion in India and every Indian follows it diligently, even the ones who are based abroad. Well here’s a treat for news for Indians in the US, cricket is coming to you for free! Unlike before where you had to pay to watch it, ESPN3 has been confirmed to air the tournaments.

More so, Anil Kumble was a part of the annual India Day Parade and rang the NASDAQ closing bell on Friday in NYC. This was a build up to ICC Twenty20 World Championship. ESPN3 had a float to themselves where Kumble displayed the trophies to the cheering fans. I hear there was Saif Ali Khan also but who cares? Anil Kumble is a bigger star to us!

Congratulations to the cricket lovers in the US, the Sports Gods have answered your prayers!

FYI: Twenty20 starts on September 18! Gentle reminder to keep yourselves free.

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