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Maria Sharapova Splits With Fiancé!

And once again, for the 5th time, Maria Sharapova has broken up and this time with a person she intended to marry, Sasha Vujacic. Breaking up after being engaged for 2 years, Maria said that their ambitions got in their way.


Who IS Sasha?

Sasha Vujacic is a Slovenian basketball player who has played in Italy, the United States and now plays for Turkey.

How about a little background story?

They met. They dated. They fell in love. They wished to get married and so they got engaged BUT regular twist in the plot, career came in their way. Sharapova says that ever since Sasha started playing for Turkey, he hadn’t come home for 10 months straight!

What got to me was that she was ‘waiting’ for someone to ask about it. I laughed a little inside because it’s been over 2 months they’ve broken up and no one even bothered to notice their distance.

Whatever, they did make a cute couple. I seriously wonder, had they gotten married, what would have their children chosen? Basketball or Tennis? My wonder remains a question after all.

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