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Kevin Pietersen: Analyst for Twenty20 World Cup

Yeah, you heard read it right! Kevin Pietersen has officially joined ESPN-STAR Sports as a ‘presenter and analyst’

How about a little back story?

One day KP was just randomly ‘lol’ing with his friends in the South African team via text. He must’ve had a bad day so he wrote mean things about his coach Andy Flower and team mate Andrew Strauss. Things got downhill from there and the news exploded with this controversial text, how he was very disrespectful, has lost everyone’s trust and possibly a place in the Twenty20 England squad.

I’m guessing the text could’ve been a ‘Yo Momma So Fat..’ joke

Because of whatever the text was, KP was asked to apologize if he wanted to be on the team but this happened:



KP wasn’t selected and his wish just remained a wish after all.

Now, bringing you back to August 24, 2012 – ESPN STAR – Sports (ESS) confirmed him to be a part of their team. His new job includes publicity and promotion of ESS and giving his perspective over the match.

This is how it will probably go:

Kevin Pietersen: “Ian Bell laid out a splendid performance with 3 sixes and 7 fours however had it been me…”

Anyway, I hope the best happens for KP and that he gets selected Twenty20 2014!


Until Next Time,

The Pink Locker



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